The Qualified team is made up of highly experienced trainers and consultants. We provide a range of coaching
and consulting services to entrepreneurs and established businesses including:

Start-up Business:
Business Plan Development, Market/Industry Analysis, Budgeting and various services for new UK and EU
companies who are either establishing an initial presence in the UK, conducting feasibility testing or looking to
scale and expand operations

Quality Compliance & Assurance, Industry Benchmarking, ISO, Business Excellence and Self-Assessment

Marketing Analysis, Market development, Advertising, Campaign Management

Our experts have been helping start-ups as well as growing and established organisations from a variety of sectors such as:

• Legal
• Education
• Real estate
• Manufacturing
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Cyber Security
• Creative & digital
• Hospitality & Tourism
• Medical Technologies
• Transport & Logistics

For further enquires on our services please get in touch with our friendly team now to see how we can add value
to you and your vision.