Established in 2011, the Qualified vision was initially to become a recognised provider of education, training and professional development. Our founders worked tirelessly to establish themselves as a well-respected and accredited college who placed learners and businesses at the very core of all it does.

Qualified Ltd quickly developed close relationships with some of the worlds most reputed colleges, universities and employers enabling it to deliver a highly tailored and bespoke solution to the needs of its clients.

Since our humble beginnings, the Qualified team has experienced significant growth and development to become a highly respected creator and provider of well reputed Quality Management and academic courses across a range of levels.

We also offer active learning opportunities to a growing corporate client base spanning numerous industry such as Legal, Finance, IT, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Manpower Solutions. Our focus is on the development of your business and its number one asset – your staff.

We are proud of our achievements in this field which have led to us achieving accredited learning and training centre status from our strategic partners including

Our team of experienced, friendly staff and tutors are always available to offer the support & advice required to identify our clients’ needs and to coach them through the training process and we are proud to be able to offer both in house and onsite programmers to
suit your needs.

Our team of experienced, friendly staff and tutors are always available to offer the support & advice required to identify our clients’ needs and to coach them through the training process and we are proud to be able to offer both in house and onsite programmers to
suit your needs.


We offer bespoke tailored training working in partnership with you to meet your training and development needs

We also offer post training support & evaluation which allows us to create a training portfolio for every individual that we work with.

We have helped 100’s of companies to develop and meet their training needs over the years including some well-known brands such as:


Our dedicated Manpower and recruitment arm operates a highly specialised manpower and operational support service that has led us to work with some of the world’s biggest and well-known fortune 500 companies.

We specialise in delivering strategic manpower solutions to our global industry partners enabling them to focus on productivity whilst retaining flexibility.

We only supply the best people to the best companies.

The modern workplace

To be the best, you need the best. To create a successful company, whether that be local or global, you need to build a community of people who live and breathe the business. A company’s greatest asset is not its products or services, it’s the brains behind it all: its

Investing in employment training and development has never been so important. If you want to keep the best employees, you need to give them the best training and opportunities. With the rise of job board and communities like LinkedIn, a new job is just a click away. Recruiters constantly scour people’s professional profiles, looking to scoop up easily swayed employees with greater career opportunities and benefits.

A little investment goes a long way

Employees are no longer just the people behind-the-scenes, they’re walking representatives of the company. Walking down the streets of London, you’ll see people sporting company t-shirts on every corner. Employees take pride in their company and the tshirts become an unofficial uniform, a way to tell strangers not just where they work, but what they represent.

Creating a community of employees who live and breathe the company culture takes much more than splashing money on a one-day Christmas party. It takes time, commitment, training, and opportunities.

According to Deloitte, companies around the world spend more than $130 billion on training and development programs, but still struggle to provide or find modern learning environments. Deloitte’s global survey found only 5 percent of companies believe they have mastered training capabilities and 95 percent are still trying to find better ways to enhance employee education and retention rates.

But what is the true cost of employee retention?

A company that fails to provide effective leadership and career opportunities, may find itself with a high retention rate, with employees looking for work elsewhere or being poached by recruiters.

Turnover costs of replacing an employee vary from 30–150 percent of their yearly salary, and companies who have multiple team leads, that’s a lot of money.

Evolving workplace

Breakdown of employment investment and training benefits

Companies want to be creating an innovative and evolving workplace, not a revolving door. Failing to invest in employees costs a company more in the long run.

Companies have the responsibility of both attracting and creating world class talent. At Qualified, we believe companies who invest in their employee’s education will see the benefits straight away.

Having All the Talent in the World

At Qualified, our global reach and local expertise combine to deliver an unmatched global perspective with detailed insight into local markets across all major industry sectors. Whether your needs are local or global, we can create the workforce solution you need.

Building Collaborative partnerships

When our partners succeed, we succeed. We develop a keen understanding of our partner’s business and talent-related needs. We design customised solutions and deliver the talent you need to win.

Whatever your needs and goals, if you want to feel better, do better, bet better, get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals.